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Vegetarian Thali

Our Story

ADDA, in India, means “An everyday place or spot where friends gather”.

Our food presents the classic yet unexplored charm of India’s diverse regions combined expertly with the local flavors.
Housed within the bustling metropolis of Chicago, this is not just any other restaurant. This is your ADDA, your place which brings people together, to tell their stories and share memories.
We pride ourselves on recreating Indian local dishes and reinventing age-old Indian traditions, to create an experience that raises a toast to the old times and celebrates the new.
ADDA is not just about food, it is all about flavors, memories we bring onto the plate from our mother’s kitchen.


Yogendra Dhawle
Executive Chef / Owner

Fondly known as Yogi, he has completed his culinary degree from Mumbai. His journey began from a small snack shop in Mumbai, moving up the ladder to five-star hotels such as Intercontinental & Ambassador Sky Chef.The inspiration from his gastronomic journey through India evolved into an enthusiastic desire to bring the true taste of India to Chicago. His passion towards food played a great role in shaping the concept behind Adda.

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